Ultra High Resolution Filming with Smart Phones

Nature films

A nature film we’re working on, filmed at OSU Fisheries in Oregon. This is a test clip of the Fall Creek nearby.  Filmed in 4K resolution.

Sunday Morning
60 second video of local activity.

Filmed in Ultra High Definition (4K) with a smart phone. All our video shot with these phones in UHD format. You may view it in HD on Youtube…. Press the Youtube logo and open it there. Adjust the resolution to 1080 minimum or 4K if you have  a TV or computer screen with those specifications.

4K resolution video

 Located by the OSU fisheries (research facility) in Oregon. A small pond stocked with fish by the State. It’s so quiet and relaxing there (original audio). Take a look at this video on Youtube site in super high quality, up to 4K resolution… with full screen !

Would you believe this was shot on a smart phone?
The video is straight from the phone and it’s unedited!

Phone Video

In 4K resolution. Several short movies planned this year and we’re looking for actors right now.

Take a look at this video set it in the highest resolution. Also, full screen view is the best mode if your NET connection is capable.  

This clip has not been edited and came directly from the phone/camera as you see it.  We don’t cheat :)

Night shot

The bridge and moving fog. Filmed with a smart-phone in 4K resolution. The beginning is compressed and shows how the fog comes and goes. The rest of the footage is real-time…. Very slow

Phone mounted on a BlackWing-3 platform for stability.

Florence Bridge from the air

Recorded by K-Sea-Studios one of our club member who makes this easy but it’s not.

If you need a pro recording above, he’s the guy to call. Real Estate intro shots from the air makes a lot of difference.

Drop him a note: Casey

Highway-101 Project

We’re the FIRST to record an the entire Hwy-101 both ways, 700 plus miles in the State of Oregon. It’s in HD, wide angle as this short sample.

Take a virtual drive on the Oregon Coast Highway here:


Night Work

Pitch black night, but the road crew diligently ripping up the old highway and laying down a new one at the same time. It’s like a symphony, all coordinated without a word spoken.

Filmed with an old iPhone-4S model, mounted on a BlackWing-3 platform, hand held. Courtesy of fotosafariproducts.com

Our sponsor, visit their page and see how you could shoot steady video like we did here.

Feature Film Shoot

It’s not easy to shoot a scene. This was a feature film set in PDX. Director is showing the actor how to hand-off a case to another character.
It’s a conspiracy thriller movie.

Unfortunately we could not find more good actors to finish this project.

K-Sea Studios

One of our member, who went out on the ledge to shoot this clip.

Oregon Coast, as Casey see it from the air. This dude already lost one of his expensive drones in the ocean.

Casey is an FAA licensed pilot for commercial Drone photography.  

Revolution Band

You can shoot video with your smart phone. An example how an OLD iPhone-4S recorded this video without any jitter, shake. If your video is shaky, you need to come to our meeting and we’ll show you how to shoot PRO video.

You’ll have to excuse the Audio part. The music was 100+ dB loud and the phone is not made for that kind of sound input. But we have a solution to get pristine sound.

Stage Play Opening

Stage play on the Central Oregon Coast.
If you were there, you may remember…

Pitch Black, Band

New Zealand band we filmed on their Canada and West Coast tour. This was in Eugene, Oregon… very long time ago.

There are no other band like this one. They used three computers and special gear to produce all AFX and Notes, live. The  audio recording by us is not quite there. The next tour we recorded them with our own audio gear and it’s Pristine clear :)


About Us

Central Oregon Coast Foto Safari Club films short movies, local documentary, music video, stage plays, tourist video and community events.

Interested to Join?

Anyone can join our association free of charge. We are looking for people with any experience as writer, shooter, editor, sound, lighting, makeup and other creative talents.


Need actors to take part in our projects. If you are new to acting, we’ll teach you.

Got a Project?

Tell us about it.

 Write to us: Contact

Abandoned RR Bridge

This RR bridge in Florence, Oregon was abandoned for many years. Recently they made some changes to it. Looks like some traffic may go across the bridge, once in a while. Still in bad shape and the structure is falling apart.

Interesting shot by K-Sea Studios

Drone Service

One of our Club member offers Air-Views, photography.

Check it out.

Real Aliens Discovered

Yeah, we know, it’s not possible, but it’s the truth. All we had a is a cheap pocket camera and recorded the whole thing as we saw it in 2003

Shocking video!

Cool Music and Visuals

We made a bunch of music videos for composers and here’s one of them.
The original music was for a computer game, but we asked him to modify it for us a bit. So, we created this short clip.
BTW, this composer scored music for major films as well. Very talented

Flight of a Drone

One of the clip to show we do industrial shots as well.

You need  a  dramatic view from the air? A licensed Drone pilot (FAA Certified) will shoot one for you.

Email is at the end of the clip

Cool Music and Visuals

Another music video filmed in Tillamook, Oregon in the RR yard around 2006 (RR Yard, no longer exist)

The composer-DJ is in the UK, sometimes he tour the US

Cute little Drive-In Cafe, was filmed a few years ago.

Get yourself a good ‘cuppa’ and enjoy a cozy ambiance. WIFI connection available but if you just want to kick-back, well… you can.

Fishing boat beached

Bayshore, near Waldport, OR
Captain fell asleep and found himself on the beach. The boat could not be re-floated and have to be removed in pieces.  

See the rest of the video clips here:

Day-2 Air View with a drone

Day-3 Clean up and removal


We already shot a bunch of shorts, (short movies) in 2018 using Smart Phones and small camcorders.
1,968 is the number of movies we made since 2004 in Oregon. Not possible to list them all, so we picked a few at random… not the ‘best’ ones… to be fair.

If you’re interested to become a good shooter (film maker) we’re going to offer a place where we can all meet and discuss techniques, equipment, cameras. There is no cost to attend to these meetings. Have fun shooting with us as a group.

Are you Still Shooting Shaky Video?

Why don’t you shoot like us. We use BlackWing rigs from fotosafariproducts.com

White Heron (Great Egret)

Near Waldport, OREGON
Quick setup on soft ground to film these very shy birds.  Not enough time to secure the tripod. Long distance from the birds and full-out telephoto was used.

Amazing how big they grew in this year. They nest in the trees on the right. Last time the count was around 19 white heron and a few blue herons in the mix. (Blue Heron is a grayish in color)  In the  early morning hours they stand around and wait until the sun gives them a little warm-up.

Short tip how to shoot with your phone like this 60 second clip

Early morning fog rolling out as the sun rise.
Shoot six (6) ten second clips. Pause the phone/camera at each segment and setup
for the next shot. Here’s is what we got. No cuts, straight out of the camera. We just
created a few titles, added audio and that’s it.

If you plan your shots, the less you have to mess with editing. You can actually create
a story with local audio and no titles. Once you upload it to YT you can add titles
easy. If you need music, you can add that too. It’s super easy to make short stories.
Our club members can teach you how to plan and shoot videos. The best free instructions
you can use to make movies people want to see.

Sunday Morning Walk

Nice foggy morning, cool, pristine clean air, no traffic, people, etc.
One of the nice things about living on the Oregon Coast.

Surfin’  on the Oregon Central Coast

There is nothing like a good surf in the morning and a buddy to pull you right up to the spot and just let go the rope… surf all the way to the end, use up every bit of the energy under your feet :)

Yeah, smile a lot but hey… don’t be drinkin’ the salt water…. OK?

Casey shot and edited most of these surfing clips, one of our talented club member . Go to YT and follow this dude if you like what he’s doing.

You can also hire him for PRO Drone shots, who is a LICENSED pilot by the FAA and ALLOWED to OPERATE, FILM with a commercial Drone. Don’t be tempted by hobbyist to do Pro work and UNLICENSED by the FAA without insurance.  

Drop him a note here for your project: KseaStudios

That’s a load of crabs if ya ask me

Watch these fishing dudes clean the day’s catch. Lot of work to clean and cook these things.

Oregon Central Coast Sunset

We shot this video from the ground and the air to show you what you missed :)

Yeah it was cold but our time on the beach was worth it. Casey did a spectacular job to show you how nature makes gorgeous new art everyday.

Look closely the abstract art nature made, you will  see a nude model from the air… not a real one, it’s what the water carved out in the sand.

Fascinating - as ‘Spock’ would comment

In-house Jazz recording

Cool jazz duo performance. We filmed the entire session for the event producer. The audio is a bit muddy because of the acoustic of the room and recorded from speakers.

It’s a comfortable venue in a private home next to the beach. Visit the producer’s website for the next Jazz session. Donation is suggested to cover expenses and fund raising for a good cause.


Hwy-34 Nature Series

We shoot nature films along the Oregon Coast and sometimes we venture East where most of the forest are in Oregon. As you drive East from Waldport, OR where the highway begin, a few miles down the road and you are there. Watch this short video in this picturesque setting. Imagine you being there all alone and it’s super quiet. No cars, people and other distractions… just you.  No wonder why we spend most of our time there, filming and enjoying our surroundings. This is a very short 60 second sample video of our filming.


Enough–Antique store  

A very large Antique store opened in Waldport, Oregon.

The store has countless one-of-the-kind items and hand made work of art. Old lamps, furniture and curiosity items from the past.

Unique place, where the proprietor set aside a meeting room for the community. Have your friends meet there and sip a cup of Java while you have a friendly chat in this quaint room full of antiques.  We shot this video of the place for your information. Drop by and look around. This film maker already picked out and item and taking it home Monday.